Why trust FNLT as your real estate agent

Why trust FNLT as your real estate agent

First National Land Trust just sold 29 lots in Douglasville, Georgia!

First National Land Trust (FNLT) is the leading provider of off-market lots and land that are below market value for investors, builders, and developers. FNLT acquires land with cash and sells it at a lower price than the market value for investors. This helps investors get the best ROI for their investments. Our services offer exclusive land priced lower than market value and promise a maximum return on investment.

First National Land Trust provides enterprise solutions from start to finish. The process includes paperwork, land policies, and house market value and financing that can be difficult for the average person. First National Land Trust assists investors, builders, and developers in every part of the process of making life-changing decisions.

Why sell your land with FNLT?

First National Land Trust offers fast cash and closes at the best price in the market. With FNLT’s advanced tools and expertise, we buy your land at rates higher than your expectations.

How can investors make the most profit with FNLT?

First National Land Trust sells land at a lower price than market value to help investors make the most profit. Through our years of preliminary planning, research, and network, FNLT lists off-market lands priced lower than market value. It benefits investors to possess the land, which comes with a high return value over time. In addition, FNLT provides investors with an exclusive current listing of lots that meet their criteria with financing assistance.

How to finance investment with FNLT?

When it comes to preparing financial files, many different documents are required to satisfy credit requirements. With FNLT support, the paper process work is taken out entirely as we handle the financing even when you have no money to put down. We know how to acquire the capital that you need to invest in your next property.

Preliminary Planning For Buyers And Sellers

First National Land Trust takes full evaluation before closing any deal; this includes preliminary planning, construction cost, testing and research of the property, and financing to ensure the protection and security of the buyer’s possession.

Latest lots SOLD by FNLT in Douglasville

First National Land Trust just sold 29 lots in Douglasville, Georgia in 6 months!

Douglasville, Georgia is a peaceful area with scenic sidewalks, charming cafes, and plenty of public amenities that contribute to the neighborhood’s small-town vibe. The 29 lots sold by FNLT all include convenient locations with quick access to schools, groceries, and parks. This makes it an ideal lot for living or securing a high return on investment.

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FNLT’s success results from our network of professionals and experienced acquisition teams working 24/7 on real estate market trends and prices. FNLT has been a trusted partner in providing investment solutions to fulfill our buyer, seller, and investor wish lists.

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