Where can I sell my land quickly and get Instant cash?

Where can I sell my land quickly and get Instant cash?

Selling land in a traditional way can be challenging in many ways, from choosing the right buyer to answering limitless queries. To avoid the path of struggle, we will give you insights into how you can sell your land quickly and get instant cash without any hassle.

How can I sell my land quickly?

The number one mistake of sellers selling their land is the lack of state-specific unique features. When you list land on multi-listing sites or local sites, keep in mind that you are competing with thousands of sellers with higher advantages. So, for instance, instead of writing about why you are selling your land, your first line should mention the great view of your home, the antique history of the house, the close proximity to transportation, or how great your neighborhood block is. The key is to place your perception in the eyes of the buyer.

Tip: See how other land listings are featured that have similar features to your land. This will give you an idea of what to add more to your home description.

Which is the best site to sell my land?

The best sites to list land in the United States are Zillow and Realtor. These sites include thousands of buyers, renters, sellers, and agents that can help you list your land and sell your land quickly. If you choose to work with a broker, they will charge a certain percentage of your sale amount, so ensure you make clear the “broker percentage amount” before working together. 

Should I sell my land or keep it?

If you have been holding onto a piece of land year after year but have not been using or actively developing it, it may be time to consider selling, since the tax bill will likely grow considerably faster than the value of the undeveloped property. Also, before selling land, you need to check with the law of your state if you are eligible to sell your land. Some states require you to have a licensed real estate agent do the work for you. Therefore, before selling land, carefully consider the pros and cons of selling your land; if the pros outweigh the cons, you can proceed to the next step.

What documents do I need to sell my land?

There is a specific requirement of documents that need to be secured before you list your land for sale. The main ones include:

  • Title certificate of the owner’s name
  • Up-to-date official receipt
  • Latest statement of Account
  • Mortgage clearance
  • Certified True Copy of Tax Declaration (land + improvements)
  •  Tax clearance Receipt
  • Certificate of Authorizing Registration
  • Home repairs/ Maintenance receipt

Depending on your state, there may be more documents required.

Tip: A real estate agent can find a way to minimize your tax expenses.

How to sell my land without any hassle?

Many sellers go the hard way of selling their land independently, from listing to finding potential buyers. It can take months to finalize a close deal; thus, FNLT comes to the rescue to alleviate the pain of selling land yourself.

What Is FNLT? How can FNLT buy my land?

First National Land Trust (FNLT) is a US land acquisition company that offers fast cash to sellers with the best market value price. That means you do not need to list your land online or force buyers to buy your precious land. With FNLT’s advanced tools and expertise, FNLT buys your land at rates higher than your expectations. The best part of FNLT services is that instead of hiring a real estate agent to do all the paperwork for land authority and tax clearance, FNLT does all that job.

In short, FNLT completes the paperwork that comes with selling land.

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