How to sell my land fast with FNLT?

How to sell my land fast with FNLT?

Selling land in the market can be mentally draining, from listing online to responding to buyers’ limitless queries. To cut this time-consuming and hassle-some process short, FNLT takes the responsibility of getting your cash fast and easily. FNLT’s mission is to make the selling stage easier than the traditional selling process. In this article, you will find ways to sell your land fast with FNLT and, most importantly, why you need to trust FNLT as your buying partner.

1. Where to sell my land fast?

There are two methods by which you can sell your land. One is through online listing platforms such as multi-listing sites, where there are thousands of sellers and buyers on one platform. Most sellers also sell their land on the Facebook marketplace. However, there are many non-genuine and unserious buyers on Facebook. The second method is through selling your site to land acquisition companies. For instance, FNLT is one of the market leaders in acquiring lands that offer the best market value.

2. Why should I trust FNLT to sell my land?

FNLT is known in the real estate market for acquiring land at a fast pace and closing deals without any hassle. Every year, FNLT acquires nearly 4,000 acres of land and lists it on FNLT websites for potential buyers. Not only do you get the price you want for your land, but you also eliminate the paperwork process. After all, FNLT offers instant cash to those wishing to sell their land quickly.

3. Can I sell my land without a lawyer?

Depending on your state, some states require a lawyer to sell land. However, if you sell your land to FNLT, then you do not need to hire a real estate agent. Since FNLT is a registered real estate company, having FNLT handle all the paperwork is equal to having to hire a lawyer separately, which can cost you more.

4. Can I sell my land for any price?

Before setting any price, you need to know and check what your current land market value is; multi-listing sites can give you an idea of what the price range is for your land in your area. However, having a real estate expert can help you better understand your land’s market value and evaluate your land’s environment and property features. Since FNLT is a real estate expert, their team is distributed all over the states, accommodates, and inspects the land of sellers while considering the seller’s demand price. There are cases when FNLT has come across a seller’s land that is below the market value and, after inspection, suggested a higher rate.

5. If I sell my land, how much tax will I pay?

Depending on the state and history of the land, once you sell your land, you will have to pay a capital gains tax. If you hire a real estate agent, you will also pay a percentage for their services. On the other hand, since FNLT is acting as a buyer of your land and finances your paperwork, you can cut down on costs and save a good amount. 

6. How can I sell my land with FNLT?

You can clear up all your questions by calling FNLT landline services at 1-888-558-FNLT (3658) or simply set an appointment time by clicking here.

In short, FNLT’s mission is to help sellers get the best price with instant upfront cash.

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